Textured houses

Blakeney is a small village along the North Norfolk Coast; a forty-five minute drive from Norwich, the capital of Norfolk. The village is built-up with different kinds of stone houses, and due to the diverse masonry, traditions and techniques, these stone houses come with various colours and textures. Some house owners paint their property’s external walls completely bright white, blending beige, or soft pink, which has given the village its unique look. Harmonic but very different; a mix of ancient and modern complexion.


The village

The village is situated on a small hill, encircled by a main road. Opposite to the village is a visitor car park, connecting you to the soft green landscape; where rivers, swamps and dunes twist along the trail, extending all the way to the coastline and the neighbouring villages.


Tea time

Travellers can walk along the seashore to the nearby Morston Quay, to the next coast Cley-next-the-sea (east). At Blakeney children can swim and kayak in the sea, or fish and catch crabs, while mum samples the local coffee, cream tea with scones or tasty seafood snacks, and leisurely watch the sunset.

As for us, we took a boat trip out to Blakeney Point to see the seals.

扭曲的峽谷,迂迴的小徑,伸延到海岸的Morston Quay(西和鄰村Cley-next-the-sea(east)。遊客可輕鬆地沿著海旁步行或遠足。有的一家人去釣魚捉蟹,品嚐地道咖啡奶茶烤餅,悠閒地看日落西灣,小孩們划艇嬉水。

我們就坐船出海去Blakeney Point看海豹。

The village town hall, a 14th century building, and St Nicholas Church, which just went under elaborate restoration, are both interesting features you do not want to miss.

I suggest travellers spend three days to be able to enjoy the scenery and activities in Blakeney.



Blakeney Point
There is quite a large car park that is free for National Trust members.

Boat Trip
We had to travel a little further west on the coast road, to Stiffkey I believe, to collect the tickets for the boat trip. Book in advance as they do get busy.

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