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Norfolk beach – Sea Palling in February

Sea Palling – 二月中的羅福海灘

Mid-February, mid-winter, the wind was strong, chilly and cutting, the tide was high and rough… but still, without losing its charm, Sea Palling has attracted a lot of walkers.

二月中旬,深冬,北風強烈,風寒割面,潮汐高急… 但仍然不失其魅力,Sea Palling吸引不少步行者。

In late winter, the end of February, we took a walk along Sea Palling Beach again, with the soft wind and the low tide, the sunset made the beach astonishingly beautiful.

二月的冬末,風緩了,浪靜了,潮退了。再訪Sea Palling海灘,在夕陽西下中的它,美得令人驚嘆。

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