North Wales – Anglesey and Caernarfon

北威爾斯 – 安格爾西和卡那封城

Once a place of many lonely light towers. Today, these towers have become one of the most fascinating popular tourist sites on the island. Found at each corner of the coast; dividing the endless beaches along the coast of Anglesey, or standing proud above cliffs, against the wind and rain, marking their own corner of the island. Illuminating a safe passage for ships that cross in the night.

Anglesey 安格爾西,曾經是幾許孤寂燈樓的棲身所,今日卻成為迷人的旅遊地帶,無數遊人徘徊不休的勝地。安格爾西沿海有的是滾滾長灘,長灘盡處,往往是那些不再寂寞的燈樓据地;傲站山崖,傲迎風雨,盤据小島,自成一角…照明每一艘在黑暗中過渡的渡船。

Anglesey coast |安格爾西的海岸沿缐景色

While talking about the Beaumaris Castle in Anglesey, it is unavoidable to bring up nearby Caernarfon Castle as they are fairly close to each other. Both castles are magnificently huge, and being the only surviving Welsh castles in the UK, are the symbol of the medieval building.

談到Anglesey安格爾西Beaumaris Castle波馬利斯城堡,就不其然的會跟Caernarfon Castle卡那封城堡相提並論,因為兩者相隔車程不遠,同樣是佔地甚廣的壯偉建築,也是英國碩果僅存的威爾士城堡中,中世紀城堡建築的表表者。

Welsh Castle and Mansion | 威爾士城堡和貴族大宅

The majestic castle of Anglesey, the Duke’s Mansion and, my favourite, the Cape Lights.


Travel by car

Place we stayed:

We rented a small house in Penygroes, as the bank holiday had rolled around too quickly and this was the closest we could get to Anglesey. The house was great but just meant a lot of driving each day. We didn’t have the motorhome with us this trip so all the parking only allows for a small car.

Parking to access:

Caernarfon: There is a large car park next to the castle that seemed to have enough space for motorhomes.

Southstack: The road was fairly narrow all the way to the lighthouse but there was a car park at the top, near the visitor centre, that did have motorhomes parked.

Copper kingdom:  There was plenty of parking around the area, as well as a small car park that was free on the day we visited.

Penmon: There is a gated drive, leading to the main parking area, that is patrolled by someone who collects a charge for entering. It’s well worth it, but no ‘official’ overnight stays.

Beaumaris: There is plenty of parking near the castle.

Llanfairpwllgwyngyll: The train station had a car park that we could use to visit the station and the nearby souvenir shop.

Plas Newydd House and Gardens: Being a national trust property it has it’s own car park that will easily accommodate motorhomes.






Caernarfon: 很方便,在城堡外就有一個大停車場,可以容納不同大小的汽車,有泊露營車的指定位置。

Southstack: 停車場在燈塔訪客中心附近。上停車場的路比較窄,但可泊露營車。

Copper kingdom: 停車場就在訪客中心附近。

Penmon: 閘口收費式停車場,可泊大小形汽車。但不能通宵停泊。

Beaumaris: 停車場就在城堡外面。

Llanfairpwllgwyngyll: 最長最難讀的城市名字,一個很小的市雜。火車站就在市中心的大街,外有停車場,附近就是餐廳和小品店。

Plas Newydd House and Gardens: 內置大停車場,可泊露營車。

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