All beings through Flora’s painting


From an animator, an illustrator to a painter. Chan Fung Yee is always like a decathlon, showing achievements in every aspect of her creations. Her paintings are meticulous and delicate, mixing watercolour technique with Chinese ink technique to create a unique style of her own.

Awards she won:
Year 1996_A multiple winners of the Awards for Creative Writing in Chinese organized by the Leisure and Cultural Services Department.
2016_awarded top 20 in the 1st International Watercolor Biennale Competition Hong Kong, and selected for Taiwan World Watercolor Competition & Exhibition
She has worked with other artists such as Guan Weixing.

Knowing Chan Fung Yee for many years, I know that she believes she has not fully mastered her painting skill yet. With her excellence and hard work, I am looking forward to seeing her, whether is the skill or the emotional expression in her painting, will elevate to a higher level.

Flora Chan does take commissions.

See more of her portrait paintings 更多她的作品。

從動畫設計師,到兒童故事創作者, 再銳變成為水彩及水墨畫家,陳鳳儀總像個十項全能的繪畫師,在每一個創作階段歷程裏,都表現出肯定性的成就。她畫工精心細膩,常以水彩水墨手法相互混溶於畫中,自成獨特風格。




Her portrait painting 她繪的人像

She was enjoying a chit chat with the viewers in her exhibition. 在她畫展中,與觀展者談笑風生。

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