Remarkable, Vivid watercolor painting


When I first saw Mr. Guan Weixing’s watercolor painting I was captured by the vivid watercolour figures he drew. Like they got frozen live by Mr. Guan’s bright colours and exquisite strokes, and locked onto his watercolour paper.

當我第一次看到關偉興先生的水彩畫時,我就被他所畫的栩栩如生的人物所吸引。 他們像被關先生的瀟洒筆觸和鮮明的色彩,活生生地被封印在水彩紙上。

Mr Guan Wei Xing has participated in some major exhibitions domestically and internationally. His vivid watercolours are published and collected. He has exhibited in more than ten countries and regions such as the United States, Japan and France. His painting “Chu Xue” won the Gold Medal of the American Watercolour Exhibition, and another painting “Friends” won the Excellent Works Award of the 126th International Watercolour Exhibition, held in the United States. He has created more than 80 watercolour illustrations for the famous Taiwanese writer Lin Haiyin’s novel “Old Things in the South”. It was published in three volumes in hardcover and published in the world. He also won the International Illustration Award for three consecutive years at 92, 93 and 94.

He was also a tutor of Flora.

關維興先生是我的摯友的水墨畫導師 – 他的作品多次參加國內外重要展。他的作品被出版和收藏。他曾先後赴美日法等十幾個國家和地區展出。水彩畫”初雪”獲美國水彩展金獎,”朋友”獲美國舉辦的126屆國際水彩展優秀作品獎,並在全美巡迴展出。為台灣著名作家林海音代表作小說《城南舊事》作水彩插圖80餘幅,分三冊精裝出版,世界發行,並於92、 93、94連續三年獲國際插圖大獎。

Mr Guan Wei Xing 關維興先生
To view more paintings by Mr. Guan: 更多關維興先的作品

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